Occlutech PmVSD Occluder

Pushing the boundaries
in VSD closure

The Occlutech PmVSD Occluder is a dedicated device for Perimembranous Ventricular Septal Defect (PmVSD) closure and offers a range of unique features. Occlutech has developed the Flex II range of occluders to stay at the forefront of constant innovation and improvement. The Occlutech PmVSD Occluder is a percutaneous, transcatheter closure device designed for the occlusion of hemodynamically significant perimembranous ventricular septal defects, which are located in the ventricular septum.

Product features

  • Dedicated design for PmVSD closure with one disc and a shank.
  • Unique braiding technology; soft and atraumatic device.
  • Wide shank to obtain secure anchoring.
  • No distal hub, less material, less protrusion.
  • Small delivery system compatibility.
  • Repositionable and fully retrievable.


Possible clinical benefits

  • Special design for minimum interference with nearby cardiac structures.
  • No stress/radial force on the defect.
  • Patch material promotes fast occlusion and tissue ingrowth.
  • Unique surface treatment reduces risk of thrombosis
Occlutech Perimembranous VSD Occluder

The Occlutech PmVSD has not received FDA Premarket Approval, or been licensed by Health Canada.

TEE image of an implanted Occlutech PmVSD Occluder.

Occlutech PmVSD Occluder in place.

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