Occlutech ASD Occluder​

technical success rate.1,2

efficient closure after
12 months.1, 2

force free angulation during release.7, 8

Product features and benefits

  • The absence of the LA-hub provides flexibility.4
  • The absence of the LA-hub may facilitate neo-endothelialization.3, 5
  • Comparative study showed that the Occlutech ASD Occluder is associated with shorter procedure time (p= 0.166) and less radiation (p= 0.001).7
  • The ball-connector of the Occlutech ASD Occluder provides free rotation and force-free angulation up to 50 degrees and therefore facilitates implantation, alignment with the natural septal angle for operator confidence.6,7
  • The Occlutech ASD Occluder shows good procedural outcome and a low complication rate.10
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Material and design characteristics8

asd design

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Animation showing in a general way how an Occlutech ASD Occluder is implanted.

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3D TEE image of an implanted Occlutech
ASD Occluder.

ASD echo image

Echo image of an Occlutech ASD Occluder implanted in the Septum.

Sharp angulation between pusher cable and occluder in X-Ray image.

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Not approved or available for sale in the United States. Product(s) may not be available in all markets because product availability is subject to the regulatory and/or medical practices in individual markets. Please contact your Occlutech representative if you have questions about the availability of Occlutech products in your area.

The Occlutech ASD Occluder has not received FDA Premarket Approval.