Occlutech mVSD Occluder​ Designed for safety and excellence

dedicated design for VSD closure with long waist to accommodate the muscular ventricular septum.2

force free angulation.1, 4

The Occlutech mVSD Occluder is a transcatheter muscular ventricular septal defect closure device, designed for the occlusion of hemodynamically significant muscular ventricular septal defects.

Product features

  • Symmetrical discs allow a smooth alignment over the defect.1
  • The absence of the LA-hub reduces surface area that requires endothelization.2,4
  • Repositionable and fully retrievable.2

Material and design characteristics

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8 mm muscular Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD).

Occlutech mVSD Occluder in place.

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The Occlutech mVSD Occluder has not received FDA Premarket Approval, or been licensed by Health Canada.