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A leading specialist provider of minimally invasive cardiac devices

Since 2003, we have been developing, manufacturing, and commercializing structural heart and interatrial shunt products, addressing congenital heart defects, stroke prevention and heart failure.

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Our products

Occlutech creates products that can be implanted in a high rate of patients, avoiding surgery, while minimizing potentially fatal complications. With over 134,000 sold devices, Occlutech has a product performance track record and experience of more than 15 years.

AFR for Heart Failure

The Atrial Flow Regulator (AFR) is a transcatheter cardiac implant, designed for use in patients with heart failure (either HFpEF or HFrEF) who continue to experience worsening symptoms despite optimal medical therapy.

The AFR reduces the pressure in the left side of the heart by maintaining a controlled interatrial septal shunt between the left and right atrium. The procedure is minmally invasive and initial results show a 100% success with the device1

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OVER 134 000

Occlutech’s products are implanted in thousands of human hearts every year. Quality and the product’s consistent performance are key to the trust of thousands of physicians who use them.

We are dedicated to perfecting physicians’ performance around the world for the benefit of their patients.

Perfecting Performance



We are looking for highly motivated individuals inspired by making a difference in patients’ lives to join our dynamic teams.
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