About Occlutech

Occlutech is a leading specialist provider of minimally invasive cardiac devices, with a mission to improve the quality of life for people with heart conditions. The vision is to become a global leading specialist provider in cardiac devices, addressing congenital heart defects, stroke prevention and heart failure. 


Since 2003, Occlutech has developed, manufactured, and commercialized occluders and interatrial shunt products. Occlutech has a broad and proven portfolio, based on proprietary technology, and over 200 patents with more than 155,000 products sold.

Occlutech markets and sells its structural heart and interatrial shunt products to hospitals and clinics in approximately 85 countries through its direct sales organization and international network of distribution partners.

Occlutech has around 320 employees and maintains manufacturing and R&D facilities in Jena, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey, clinical  operations in Minneapolis, US, and a global supply and customer support hub located in Helsingborg, Sweden. 

Technology Driven

Occlutech combines several base technologies and expertise to create state-of-the-art cardiac and vascular implants. Technologies have been developed and patented by Occlutech to make a difference and allow better treatment of patients around the world. Occlutech wants to be at the forefront of new technologies and our R&D teams spend a lot of time discussing new treatment options for current and new therapeutic areas in the rapidly developing structural heart disease area. 

Dedication to Innovation

Innovation is core to Occlutech´s ambition of serving our customers. Occlutech’s innovation has resulted in dozens of new products and projects and the creation of a patent portfolio consisting of hundreds of filed and issued patents in over 20 patent families. Our key customers are our most important source of ideas for new products and Occlutech has a strong ambition to be the most responsive industry partner when it comes to creating unique device solutions for previously unmet needs. 

Superior Quality

Occlutech’s products are implanted in thousands of human hearts every year. Obviously, quality and the product´s consistent performance are key to the trust of thousands of physicians who use them. Quality is key to Occlutech´s long-term success and we will never, ever compromise it. 

Global Reach

Occlutech’s products are present world-wide and are implanted annually by thousands of physicians. In order to support physicians’ training and to have close contact with the world’s opinion leaders, Occlutech operates direct sales support organizations in the major European countries. 

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Perfecting Performance

Occlutech is dedicated to perfecting physicians’ performance around the world for the benefit of their patients on a daily basis. We work hard to provide the best service, superior quality products and superior performing devices, allowing treatment of the most complicated defects under challenging conditions, as well as quick and convenient products for day-to-day use. 


Driven by passion for innovation

Our mission is to improve quality of life for people with heart conditions.