Great results for PLD, according to a recent study

Eustaquio Maria Onorato, et al.

The study “Safety, Efficacy and Long-Term Outcomes of Patients Treated with the Occlutech Paravalvular Leak Device for Significant Paravalvular Regurgitation” by Onorato et. AI has been published with great results.

The data collected in this study demonstrate that percutaneous closure of PVLs with the Occlutech PLD is a safe and viable therapeutic alternative to surgical PVL repair, with a high technical success rate in both mitral and aortic PVLs and a low rate of recurrent or residual leaks.

Patients implanted with the Occlutech PLD showed significant acute and long-lasting improvements in clinical parameters, including NYHA class, and a reduced dependency on hemolysis-related blood transfusions.

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